W e are convinced the different services we offer are strongly interrelated and that it is the fruitful combination of those different fields of expertise that make a product or project a success.

All the services we provide have the same end goal: get the best results for our clients.

We can work with you on your projects from the first sketch through to the sales strategy or accompany you for specific key aspects of your projects 'a la carte'.

Design thinking for Business Innovation. A good Design Strategy is a happy marriage between business and design.

It helps defining what to make and do, why, how and when. We help you answer those questions and define a short and/or long term plan of action to achieve a particular set of goals and objectives.

Designing with the bigger picture in mind.

We design your new products or interiors with the bigger picture in mind. We design in line with your design strategy, your identity, the production process, materials, distribution, sales strategy, ergonomics, the end user and all that matters.

Small scale or 1:1. We make your prototypes for you, whether we designed the product or not, just send us a sketch, the plans or a 3D model.

We can make working prototypes in wood, metal, plastic, leather, wax, resin or a combination of materials. We use rapid prototyping techniques such as CNC milling, laser cutting, 3D printing, simulations of injection moulding; as well as good old traditional handcraft techniques. We will choose the most appropriate and cost effective technique depending on the product to be made. We either make the protoype in our own workshop or work very closely with our trusted local subcontractors.

Make it better, faster, stronger.

We help you analayse and improve your entire production process. Applying Six Sigma, lean manufacturing and continuous quality improvement principles; we will identify the strong and weak links of your process and restore an equilibrium.

How to sell your products/services and increase your profits?

We will amongst other things analyse your market, analyse trends, set your sales objectives and decide on your sales channels. We will integrate your Sales Strategy from the first design stage onwards as it is crucial to keep it in mind all along your projects' development.